Fall Conference 2015

14th of October 2015 NHHS Energi hosted its annual Fall Conference under the theme “Norway’s Power Surplus”. We in NHHS Energi are proud of having arranged another successful fall conference with much interest for other students. The goal of the conference was to enlighten students about one of the possibilities that separate Norway from other countries in the energy sector.


The conference started of with Runa Haug Khoury, Senior Advicer at Bellona, presenting how the surplus developed, and the opportunities it provides for the Norwegian industry as well as Bellonas focus on affecting policies to make the most out of the opportunities the surplus provides.


Kay Normann Sjursen, Vice president and head of Energy Markets at Hydro presented the how Hydro can benefit from the power surplus as well as their advantages and disadvantages in their marked.



Bernt Skeie, Director at Greenstat and former student of NHH, shared insight into the innovative project of producing hydrogen from renewable energy sources, a topic that Greenstat has identified as one of their main focus areas.


After the conference NHHS Energi offered food and drinks to the all attendants, and celebrated another successful conference. We hope to see as many attendants or more at the next upcoming event wich will be the Energy Day early next semester in 2016.