Fall Conference 2014

In 2014 NHHS Energi hosted a very successful Fall Conference under the umbrella theme “The Future of the Oil Nation Norway”. It took place the 8th of October, and was a huge success. The auditorium was filled with students and interested members of the public from all over Bergen Bergen wanting to learn more about this very pressing and very important issue.

The Fall Conference auditorium, packed with interested people from all over Bergen

The Fall Conference auditorium, packed with interested people from all over Bergen

During the first half of the conference Inger Ubbe, NHH graduate and economist at the Norwegian Oil Petroleum Directorate, provided the audience with an overview of the resource potential on the Norwegian continental shelf, and Jarand Rystad, managing partner of Rystad Energy, spoke about how oil is not necessarily  the “bad cop” in the energy mix and energy production.

During the second half Asbjørn Torvanger, Senior Research Fellow at CICERO (the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research), presented a SWOT analysis of Norway in regards to oil production, and final speaker Benedicte Solaas, Advisor in Industry Policy at the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association, concluded the speakers’ section of the conference by advocating why Norway should continue to be an oil nation.

If you are interested in learning more about the topic and the speakers in the program for the event here.

And for even more information take a look at the following sources:

  • The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate recently released an app called Oil Facts, which is available for Windows Phones, Android and iOS devices. It is an informative tool to stay up to date with analyses of oil production, allows you to create charts with the statistics of your choice, and lets you see active field and wells on an interactive map.
  • Rystad Energy provides access through their website to an impressive database called UCubeFree, which provides an up-to-date overview of the global oil and gas supply. This is the same tool that was also used by Jarand Rystad during his presentation.

The event was a huge success: Almost 200 people attended, more than had attended any NHHS Energi event in the past, and NHHS Energi received very positive feedback on the event as a whole as well as on the topic and on the speakers: Their different views on the oil industry and its role in Norwegian industry and society made the Fall Conference 2014 engaging for everyone in the audience.

The Fall Conference visitors outside the auditorium, in NHH's "Mirror Hall"

The Fall Conference visitors outside the auditorium, in NHH’s “Mirror Hall”