Fall Conference 2017

Hydrogen – The Fuel for Our Future?

The 2017 Fall Conference on 18 October will focus on hydrogen energy, its production and potential in the transport sector with a focus on Norway. We will look at the different production technologies steam-methane reforming and electrolysis, and discuss their feasibility.

This year's Fall Conference will also focus on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, and present the current and future demand side.

It will be held in Aud D at Norwegian School of Economics(NHH) at 4.15 PM - 6:45 PM.

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NHHS Energi arranges two main events during the academic year: The Fall Conference in the autumn semester and The Energy Day in the spring semester. You can read more about our events on our Facebook page.

To arrange the Fall Conference, we rely on the generous support of our partners. We are proud to present Statkraft, CMR Prototech, Hexagon, Greenstat and DNV GL as this year's partners.